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5,000 Australian Bass Fingerlings (POA)

These Bass are approximately 35 – 50mm in length and have been spawned and grown under controlled conditions.

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Growing Out
Australian Bass spawn in salt water and travel downstream in the winter months to produce their eggs in the coastal estuaries before returning to their freshwater environment. They are relatively slow growing taking anywhere from 18 – 24 months to reach edible size depending on their environment. They are a solitary fish that respond best to low density stocking rates in the average farm dam.

On The Plate
This hardy native is an excellent all round table fish that can be cooked in a variety of ways. In fact many freshwater fishermen consider them to be a strong rival for the Barramundi due to their firm white flesh and suitability for any style of cooking. They are certainly regarded as one of the best native freshwater fish to grace any plate.


Compliance with the Translocation Policies of various Australian States and Overseas Countries is essential. 

Queensland, Interstate and International customers are reminded that it is a legal requirement for the purchaser to ensure that any species of fish purchased from Abington Aquaculture Pty Ltd is compliant with Queensland legislation or that of other States or Countries.

Abington is unable to accept any responsibility for the non-compliant purchases, translocation or release of any species other than that which is specifically imposed on it by virtue of Queensland legislation.

For guidance on the stocking of private dams in Queensland please go to List of Drainage Divisions for Fish Stocking which provides guidance as to which species are permitted to be stocked within the State’s respective Drainage Divisions.