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NOTE: As at 25/8/17 we have reviewed our quantities for freighted boxes in order to reduce loss rates during transport. Boxes now contain 50 fingerlings per box.

Pre-Ordering Available Now On New Varieties

We are taking orders now for delivery in November-December 2017 for the following:

Yellow Belly, Jade/Barcoo Perch, Sleepy Cod, Sooty Grunter, Barramundi

Prices as per Silver Perch and Australian Bass. Please complete the enquiry form and one of our representatives will contact you.



Barramundi Fingerlings Will Be Available Soon

Growing Out

A legendary fish, these guys grow to market size in 10-12 months. They’re carnivourous and require extra careful monitoring at high stocking rates.

On The Plate

Especially well suited for most styles of cuisine including use in Asian style cooking due to its texture and ability to absorb aromatic flavours.


Stocking Rates

We recommend that earthen ponds are stocked with a maximum of 150 – 200 Barra fingerlings per acre of surface water.

Do You Need Advice?

We have been building our knowledge of the aquaculture industry for over thirty years. Members of our team have experience advising government departments and international companies. If you are purchasing fingerlings for growing out and you need advice on stocking rates, feeding, or the breeding environment, we are here to help you achieve optimum results. Please feel welcome to get in touch.

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