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This offer is for adult Silver Perch which have been spawned and grown-out in under carefully controlled conditions on our 200 acre farm near Childers, Queensland. Our current adult stock ranges from 500gms through to 850gms.

Over the past few months they have been raised on our own customised high-protein feed pellets which we produced through our own on-site feed mill. As a result, the fish have maintained a high level of protein and reduced fat content resulting in a better meat yield.

On The Plate
The clean white colour and the texture of their flesh makes this fish an attractive choice for many seafood lovers. In particular, their ability to readily absorb the flavour of oriental spices also makes them a favourite for Asian cuisine.

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No minimum orders for farm gate sales.

For bulk orders and pricing, please contact our office on (07) 4126 1678 or submit an Enquiry Form for online service.


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