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Packed at a maximum of 100 Fingerlings per box (Insulated & Oxygenated).



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This offer is for 100 Silver Perch fingerlings at an approximate length of 25 – 60mm. They have been spawned and grown under controlled conditions on our 200 acre farm near Childers in Queensland and are now ready for sale.

Growing Out
Silver Perch are rapid growers and can reach plate size (>500g) in 10 – 12 months. Their natural schooling behaviour means that they can be densely stocked in farm dams, ponds or reticulated systems. These two attributes alone make them a very popular choice for growing out in farm dams, ponds and reticulated systems.

On The Plate
The clean white colour and the texture of their flesh makes this fish an attractive choice for many seafood lovers. In particular, their ability to readily absorb the flavour of oriental spices also makes them a favourite for Asian cuisine.


For clients that intend to stock private dams, we strongly recommend that you refer to the Queensland Government’s List of Drainage Divisions for Fish Stocking which provides guidance as to which species are permitted to be stocked within respective Drainage Divisions.

Queensland, Interstate and International customers are advised to ensure that any species of fish purchased from Abington Aquaculture Pty Ltd is compliant with Queensland legislation or that of their relevant State or Country. Abington is unable to accept any responsibility for the non-compliant purchase, translocation or release of any species other than that which is specifically imposed on it by virtue of Queensland legislation.

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Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 58 x 38 x 30 cm